Let’s do ZOOM!

John Murray, Occupational Therapist, has been teaching parents and teachers this easy fast technique to increase successful writing in kids!  He has it down to 52 seconds after a few practice tries.  Any teacher in any class can incorporate this before any writing activity takes place.

The purpose of ZOOM! is to wake up the nerves in the hands, separate  the left and right sides of the brain and to get kids fingers in the right position for optimal writing position.

There is a separate Sensory Neural tract for the pencil.

John stresses that because achievement testing is not only testing a child’s cognitive ability, it is also testing their pencil use ability, it is gravely important to get that grip right!  Request your child’s teacher to do this before all writing activities and they will see an increase in ability to write, concentrate on a given task and less frustration with writing.  If a child is still having problems, it may be time for an evaluation by a qualified OT.

John Murray practices in Fort Collins CO, he is also a Dad to 3 boys, Husband, Basketball and Baseball coach, child advocate,  sensory educator,  and enthusiastic friend. To see all of John’s informative videos click here . . .

A special thanks to John for all his enthusiasm.


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  1. Elizabeth smith says:

    I would really like to show your excellent video re getting ready for writing in a workshop I am doing for various schools along with props for your website. Would this be ok?

  2. Gina says:

    Hi John
    I just discovered the sensory flow website last night and am already addicted!! Thanks for the great videos and advice for school based OT. Its tough when you only get 30 min a week with a kiddo, these tips and tricks will help and would be great to pass on to the teachers for the whole class to do, not just the kid who gets OT!!! Cant wait to go try some out!
    Gina OTR

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this. Handwriting is the most difficult thing for my Kindergartener. He will really enjoy doing this every time he picks up a pencil. :)

  4. Guest says:

    big like! – thanks .

  5. admin says:

    Masi, Hi! The purpose of the video was to show anyone that a few simple movement techniques can be helpful to “upstart” some muscles needed for learning as well as help the two sides of the brain/body integrate for more that just muscle action purposes. you referred to increasing proprioceptive input and these activities do that as well as help to sink up the two sides of the body thus improving bilateral motor coordination. This helps motor function, focusing ability as well as makes the child feel more “whole” which is very imperative to the children I serve as an occupational therapist.
    hope this was helpful. keep the questions coming a like to explain so that others will understand (as long as you can be patient with my response time)
    make it a great day! John,ot

  6. Masi says:

    hi there
    thanks for your video, would you be kind enough to tell us the theory behind your video? is it just to make muscles ready? kind of warm-up or to enter a properioseptive stimuli?


  7. John Murray says:

    [...] Get to know John Murray – Let’s Do Zoom (provided by SensoryFlow.com – thanks Cat!) [...]

  8. lisa says:

    can kindergartners do this??? I love it..

  9. Bonnie says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I am going to try it with my daughter before homework to see if it helps. After I know how she responds to it, then I will be asking the teacher to also use this.

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