John Murray OTR, Infinity Walk

Here is Pediatric Occupational Therapist John Murray, OTR demonstrating the Infinity Walk, helpful for children of all ages and abilities.

To see more helpful videos by John Murray click here to go to his page.

A more advanced version of The Infinity Walk can be viewed here.


The Infinity Walk theory and method was conceived in the mid-1980′s by clinical psychotherapist, Deborah Sunbeck, Ph.D. Many professionals in special education and physical medicine who are familiar with Infinity Walk do not realize that its original use was targeted for clinical psychotherapy. Dr. Sunbeck, who was specializing in behavioral medicine practices at the time, was searching for an effective holistic method that would facilitate integrated healing and self-development.

To learn more about The Infinity Walk, visit The Infinity Walk.org website by clicking here . . .


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