Mouth Organizers, chew your way to writing!

John Murray OTR, Pediatric Occupational Therapist, talks about how gum chewing during writing activities can help your child with focus, attention and why it works!

Be sure to stop by and see all of John’s helpful videos by clicking here . . .


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  1. Lisa S says:

    Great reminder, John! I need to remember this. Would love to hear any ideas you have for sluggish kids…to build up energy, too. I do find gum works for both.

    You probably remember our son — he is doing fabulously! He outgrew many of his sensory sensitivities though he still types instead of writing. He is 5’8″, and looks quite the young man :)

    He does have some chronic fatigue, and part of the issue is glutamates and artificial sweeteners so I would caution your readers to watch out for behavioral issues with the gum. We love Spry gum — no sugar, no aspartame/sucralose/acesulfame K, and actually good for the teeth…though he does chew several at a time :)

  2. admin says:

    our son relies on this for his writing times, he finds it helps him tremendously! I hope you take your kids to the store and help them pick out some flavors, sour is great for sensory seekers (kids who are high energy) mild for taste sensitive . . .try it for yourselves!

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