Ability to Own It

“well what are the ingredients?” my son asks of another play mate at the BBQ.  They find the label has been removed, no list to be found.  He politely says, “no thank you” to the tempting frosted yellow  cookie.

What most parents would expect at his point is for the two play mates to go skipping off and entertain themselves.  What happened on this day, as our new norm, I hear my son explain why he is turning down the treat.

He owns the reason, he stands proud for knowing why and even knowing how to translate it to a playmate.  I find parents come ask me later about his conversation with their child. I don’t have to hold him to it and he educates others about his success.

We don’t eat food additives.  We stay away from MSG and yeast extract.  We read labels of foods in the store and reject those with citric acid and malted barley.  Protein additive, the general term ‘spices’ and the more obvious flavor and color additives- both natural and extracts!  They cause our son to feel miserable, both physically and mentally.  He knows this.  He tells the story of getting very sick and feeling very unhappy after eating these things.

We have now known this for 8 months.  It is still a story in the making, but the outline is done.  When his diet is clean, without Free Glutamic Acid (FGA)- he lives the happy person he was born to be.  Funny and capable.  Mature and present.  when he consumes, even a small amount, he has days of moodiness and insecurity.  These days he knows now he is not himself, he is a child and I can help him through these day.

Telling an old friend and even new friends why that shiny yellow frosted cookie, the one your mom brought to the BBQ for the kids, telling them no thank you when it looks so good to eat.  He does that.  He has no regrets now about how we have changed his diet and his world.  He know sacrifice and the benefit of looking at the consequences of his actions, well in eating at least.

There will come a time when he will want to just go out for Pizza and eat crap at the movies.  We will let him, and we will be there when he crashes from it.  We will again support his learning to own his diet, and do what is best for his healthy- physical and mental.

He will own it, and he will teach others along the way.

Have you tried it?


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