Yes, It Is Not That Simple

Yes, It is not that simple


It is the food.  The food you buy and cook with, the snacks and lunches. Found in the breakfast cereals and breads.  It is in the French fries and yogurts, the ice-cream and the popsicles.  Check the label on your whipped cream and soy milk and Almond milk.  Crackers and fruit drinks, candy and fruit bars.

It is overwhelming!

I’m thinking where is it not?  Surely not Organic, but yes, organic products too.  Worse in some Gluten Free products, especially the GF breads.

How can it be done, how can we feed our children at home and on the go safe foods?

You can, there are many products and cooking ways that make healthy safe foods easy to prepare and enjoy.

I found yogurt that is just milk and bacteria for ingredients.  I buy the biggest container, usually on sale.  Then a big bag of berries in the frozen food isle without any preservatives, usually bought at the bulk store.  Milk, we use whole organic brands. At home I simmer down the fruit, sometimes I add some sugar, but not needed.  In the blender I blend up the cooled fruit, the milk and the yogurt.  From this I make a smoothie they drink right away, 7-12 popsicles, and enough for another round of smoothies tomorrow.

I do the same with Ice-Cream, sometimes I add heavy cream for more smoothness.  Heavy cream can be a culprit of tummy troubles, inflammation problems and moodiness in children and adults.  Check your label for brands that leave out Carrageenan, try organic stores or local dairies.  I can make Popsicle or just put the mixture back in the freezer for a chilled snack later.  I also use this for our whipped cream, in soups and other yummy treats that call for cream.

See, it can be simple.

Pasta, here is both easy and difficult.  Most dried pasta off the shelf is made from simple durum wheat, sometimes semolina.  These are fine with a few vitamins like niacin added.  Enriched wheat needs to stay on the shelf, the manufactures have changed the protein and created an unsafe product.  check on the egg noddles for soup too, you can find egg and wheat and salt- simple is best.

Pasta sauce; I buy Muir Glen.  The ingredients are simple and basic.  Tomatoes-organic, oregano-organic, salt, onion powder-organic, garlic powder-organic, and Naturally Derived Citric Acid . . . Citric Acid this is what separates the safe from the not safe.

When Citric Acid comes from critic fruits, lemons and limes, it is safe and natural.  A great way to spice up a recipe and also a good preservative.  When it comes from corn it needs to be processed out.  During this processing, fermentation in this case, the FGA is released from the protein bond.  It is a by-product and not the end goal.  The by-product citric acid as a product will also contain these FGA.  It is possible to remove the FGA and have a cleaner citric acid product, but it rarely happens.

We have done well and it does keep me from making whole batches of sauce/gravy for my Italian dishes.

Soups . .a good cook book for making your own stock.  But again, cook up any combination of vegetables in salt, coconut oil and dried herbs and water, freeze some for later.  I’ve had a lot of empty bowls and big grins with this winning combination.

Store bought stock, even in concentration will have lots of additives from the well known MSG to the subtle yeast extract.  It is easy to become a soup expert, a dash of this a bit of that and you have soup!  Processed canned or carton is not gong to be a safe bet, rely on your own taste buds for safe warm dishes.

Great for Pizza too is the Muir Glen line of sauces.  We start with non-enriched wheat flour.  Avoid all purpose for it has Malted Barley, and other product of fermentation.  King Arthur flour is in my cupboard for many dough recipes. I like the White whole wheat, but I am on the look- out for a less dense product.  For pizza dough I give it plenty of time to react to the yeast I’ve added with warm water.  The longer I allow it to sit the thinner I can get it for pizza.  Note it is very sticky.  But we enjoy pizza often and I know all the ingredients are safe and the kids like to help make them.

I have one local pizza place we can eat at, I bring our own tomato sauce and they do the rest.

We also have a favorite hamburger joint we go to.  We avoid their ketchup, but the rest, even the shakes, are filling and an easy meal for me.  Shakes made from Boulder Ice-cream and safe chocolate or strawberry puree are a favorite I never know which one our boys will prefer until I’m ordering.  Full healthy burgers and buns and thin cut fries.  No drive through and a higher price but health is our top priority.

Eating out, not so simple, but plan ahead and meals on the go will still be doable.

I live in a state where organic local and healthy options are at most grocery stores, and even grocery stores who specialize in health foods are easily found, and at late hours.  I have been out of town and easily shot in to one of our more frequented stores to find snacks and simple lunches.

Carrots, bell pepper strips, grapes, apples, orange slices, celery, olives . .and many more are also free from FGA, naturally.

I keep inventing, or re-inventing, our meals and our snacks.  We educate others and own our diet for our whole family.

Give it a try, download this list and start just reading labels, when you are ready, and want to try, give your family 4 weeks without any FGA and see the transformation.  We slipped a few FGA in the diet now and then, and even family has made the mistake.  We then see the reaction and know what is our son and what is his brain on Excitotoxin


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  1. Ariella says:

    great post cat! I love it! You give lots of simple ideas for getting started. You should put up a comprehensive list of what you look for, and then perhaps list some of teh brands you use for things like say jelly or other things you know there are only one or 2 options. That would probably be really helpful for someone who is wanting to get started too.

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