What we DO eat!

I’ve realized that the list is quite extensive and overwhelming.

But I also know that when you do commit to the food changes you will be so happy, and you will be doing your very best as a parent for your child.

It is very simple, stick to the list and your child will be the person he was born to be. Since I can’t go on your shopping trips with you, yet, I’m here to help out.  Here are just a few items we eat daily.  I will post more as I fill the pantry and experiment with foods.  Best bet is to read labels, and if you think your great-grandparents ate it 100 years ago, then most likely it is good food for your family.

Here we go- the start of the list:

1. Pancake mix.  We use eggs, butter and milk to make our pancakes!










2. Eggs, we get ours cage free from a local farmer.

3. Whole Milk, Water and Fresh juice, here is Watermelon- makes great Popsicles too!

4. Fruit and Veggies

























5. When you need a little Chocolate.  The Kinder Chocolate are hard to find in the US, and just the bars are ok.

6. Snacks for on the go;










7. Oats for breakfast, or to use in cookies.




8. Ketchup;

9. Apple Juice





















10- and we eat a lot of Bread in our house, here are the 2 most common that we eat:


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  1. Deb Stivers says:

    This is a great list! Makes me feel better to know that we eat almost all the same! My son won’t eat any bread, pancakes, pasta, … I just got a recipe for homemade Lara bars! Can’t wait to try it!

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