Smoothy/Yogurt Snack/ Popsicle

A great cool snack, easy to make.  Delicious, safe and healthy.

Smoothy/yoghurt snack/Popsicles;

1. Ingredients (no measurements given- use what you want, less milk makes for a thicker mix):

  • Frozen berries (of choice, read the label for no additives like Citric Acid),

  • Yoghurt (plain- in flavored yogurt also comes other additives and sometimes food coloring)

  • Milk (alternative milk products have carrageenan . .if you can make your own almond milk or soy milk use that!)

  • Optional sugar

2. simmer frozen fruit.  This helps bring out the natural sugars for taste, defrosts them fast and also makes them mushy for blending!

3. Blend all ingredients together.

4. drink and enjoy, or chill for yoghurt snack later or freeze in Popsicle molds. We have enough for 2 days of smoothies in one blending.



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