Dr. Lynn Hellerstein

Watch the video about the SEE IT SAY IT DO IT! model here, then come back for the checklist.

Here is Dr. Hellerstein’s check list for assessing your child for evaluation by a Developmental Optometrist:

Physical Observation:

  • One eye drifts or points ‘in’ or ‘out’ in a direction different than the other
  • Turns head to see
  • Head is frequently to one side
  • Squinting, closing of one eye, or covering an eye
  • Excessive blinking
  • Poor eye-hand coordination
  • Frequently bumps into things
  • Fatigues easily

When Reading or Doing Homework:

  • Hold the book unusually close
  • Frequently loses place
  • uses finger of marker when reading (after 2nd grade)
  • Rubs eyes during or after short periods of reading
  • Unable to read for long periods of time
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Avoids homework

Behavioral Signs:

  • Headaches or eyestrain
  • Dizziness
  • Motion or car sickness
  • Visual complaints (blur, double vision . . .)

Carefully observe your child.  Look for some of the more common signs of vision problems.  If you check off several items, take your child for a thorough vision examination testing visual efficiency skills.  Don’t send your child to school without all the appropriate tools for learning success, especially visual skills!

printed with permission from SEE IT SAY IT DO IT! , to read more, go to Dr. Hellerstein’s website here.

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