Melanie Potock, MS, CCC-SLP Feeding Specialist

For more than 15 years Melanie as been working with children and families, 10 of those from her private practice, Chatter Bug, where she met families in their homes.  This allowed her to help parents in their own environment, implementing the skills learned and natural consistency and better success for each family.

Watch Melanie’s wonderful video about Feeding the Sensory Child, tips for parents of transitioning feeders and straws and cups here . . .

Read about her Book, Happy Mealtime with Happy Kids; How to Teach Your Child About the Joy of Food! here . .

You can watch a short video on Feeding tips for those beginning eaters along with some great tips on spoon feeding, as well as, Transitioning to Cups and Straws !

To Contact Melanie Potock, you can visit her webpage My Munch Bug