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Is There an APP for That?

Is There an APP for That?

Wouldn’t it be great to pick your child’s school day like organizing the applications on your iPhone? Download new apps as needed, downgrade and reschedule on the fly? Be able to keep statistics on all the vital information. I’d like to take pictures of my child’s thoughts during the day and e-mail them out to the grandparents!

What would school look like if we really got to mix it up a bit? Some suggestions:
The Temple Grandin Thinking in Pictures app: A real translation on word to picture association, and tips on how to supplement reading and math skills with visual input.
Right Brained Thinking app: Put in a left brained argument, and get a right brained response, great for ways to encourage your out of the box thinker!
The Triple D (Dreamers, Discoverers and Dynamos) app: Be able to tab through Dr. Palladino’s eight steps while you wait for the bus. Complete with on the fly mental exercises to practice positive thinking. Daily words of encouragement, turning negative labels into positive ones for your SPD seeker!
The Sen-App: all the technical data complete with e-mailable quotes and easy search option for when you are at the Occupational Therapist and need to decode the terminology!
oh, and don’t forget your SensoryFlow app, this one is just budding to bring you great ideas when you are at the book store, toy store or needing a boost in your SPD knowledge!